SR Capital is an Australian property fund manager and investor that transparently manages funds for a diverse range of investors, with a strong focus on Chinese and Australian investors.

SR Capital’s objective is to present a truly unique investment experience that draws on the best of the East and West. Using the ancient wisdom of the original Silk Road, SR Capital is made from Australian fabric, with Chinese threads woven through it, which is why it understands investor’s needs, going much further than simply investment and the creation of wealth.

SR Capital not only provides its investors with access to Australian real estate opportunities that deliver strong risk-adjusted returns, SR Capital also understands its investors in a way that only an Australian company with strong ties to China can.

Since the establishment of SR Capital, transparency, compliance and a focus on performance have been at the core of everything it does. SR Capital builds long-term relationships based on trust, honest communication and shared values. It takes investors on a journey across the new Silk Road towards the creation of wealth, while looking after investor’s economic, education, as well as social needs.