The Brand

Visionary is the creator and developer of Silkari, an innovative and luxurious Australian residential property and hotel consumer facing brand, which weaves the world’s finest elements to create experiences without parallel.

The Silkari Story

Visionary considered its company origins when looking for a name for its new property and hotel brand. It needed a symbol that truly represented its DNA. A name that was a blend of the company’s Australian and Chinese influences. One that showed both strength, beauty and innovation, as well a name that was a blend of Eastern and Western influences. This name needed to have global reach, yet be unique to the company. This is when the idea of Silk grew from brainstorming sessions, very much like silk itself, from a cocoon. And from that idea, Silkari was created.

Silk has been coveted by the world, ever since it was born in China, over five thousand years ago. Its arrival heralded a golden age, as China wove its influence around the world. Since then to now, Silk has always been the single most loved item of beauty, strength and luxury without parallel for both the west and the east.

Silkari has been inspired by the exceptional properties of silk – its beauty, its strength, its versatility, and this can be seen reflected in each and every Silkari project. Silk also embellishes everything it touches, rendering it more inviting, precious and desirable.

Just like the ancient Silk Road did, Silkari brings people together to talk and to trade. On the Silk Road, cultures shared the best of themselves, in a truly golden age of innovation, communication and interaction. All along the Silk Road, the exquisite material of silk helped build relationships, foster cultural exchange and generate enormous wealth.